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Made easy with My Guru

Instantly share your social networks, contact information, payment information, Music and personal store for on the go sales with a simple tap. The best part Of My Social Guru the other person doesn’t need our application to receive your Information or to add your contacts!

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My Guru Features

No app or Guru Required

Other Entrepreneur you meet don’t need the application Or Guru for you to share your information.

Personal in App Store

Now Entrepreneur can share and sell there products Instantly through My Social Guru Application or choose your preferred payment Methods

Unlimited Sharing

With My Guru you have the ability of endless sharing and possibility connecting with entrepreneur Around the world.


No personal passwords would ever be asked for to Link you social media accounts with My Guru.

Custom Design Layouts

We know that every Entrepreneur is different so with My Guru Are able to reflect your image by redesigning Pre set layout and designs to fit your needs.

Instant Contact Sharing

Instantly share your Contact Information, Personal website, Phone number, or email.